We offer a full bindery consulting service. We can design the best layout for your equipment and utilize your folding machines to get the fastest and trouble free production.

  • What is the best way to layout my equipment to maximize production?
  • How can I increase the production speed to maximize profits?
  • Am i really increasing production time by running two, three or four--up?
  • What is the best grain direction for that unusual imposition?
  • Can I produce more by changing the imposition?

All the above questions can be answered in detail plus more.

Folding impositionsFolding impositions


Get the best from your operators so they will set up the equipment faster, produce the best jobs in the shortest time with less annoying and time-wasting production problems. We can train your operators for basic folding or more advanced applications like gate folding and gluing.

  • How do I set the correct roller pressures?
  • Do you need less pressure on certain papers?
  • Why do the folds vary while running?
  • How do I set my edge trim kit for more accurate cutting?
  • What is the best way to get a clean center bleed cut?
  • What causes "dog ears"?

All these questions can be answered plus more. Give your operators the best training in the business.


On-site Analysis

We can recommend if there is a better way of producing your folding job. This may not necessarily mean that your planning is completely wrong. Let us come out and see if there could be any improvements. Sometimes binderies seem to be at the bottom of the machine upgrade list or sometimes because they have produced this way over the years does not always mean it's the best way. Will a change of imposition increase my production? Are the accessories I am using out of date, worn or just the wrong ones. These questions can all be answered with our on-site analysis.